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DigitalHealth.London can help with access to the right funding streams based on where a business is in the innovation and commercialisation process. Click on the links below to learn more about different funding types, and the support DigitalHealth.London can offer, and email us at for more information and support.

You can find resources on finance also in our podcasts and webinars.

MedCity also have a useful page listing opportunities to access funding, and providing support; and the Pathway to Innovation site has a helpful index of potential funders.

Pre-investment tips from Hak Salih

In general is important to de-risk the investment:

  • Know your competitors
  • Intellectual Property (IP)– do you own it/ do you licence it?
  • What are return on investment timelines like?
  • Ensure you are SEIS/ EIS eligible
  • Fundraise as early as possible

In the healthcare space:

  • Know the clinical pathway
  • Have you addressed the 4Ps? Patient, Prescriber, Payer, Provider – have you evaluated each of their needs? Which will pay for it?
  • Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

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