Affigo provide digital products and services for mental health care users including self management apps and remote monitoring.

ClinTouch is both a platform technology and a stand-alone app that helps people with psychosis self-manage their symptoms.

ClinTouch is built around a Smartphone application which triggers, collects and wirelessly uploads symptom data in real-time to a central server at the clinical team base. The provision of diary entries encourages service users to record information relevant to how they are feeling, allowing for greater contextualization of data, leading to more informed discussions between service user and healthcare professional. Graphical information highlighting general mood and behavioor patterns allows the service users and clinicians to track their progress and understand their experiences more clearly.

As well as a stand-alone app, ClinTouch Integrated offers complete mobile support technology for people with psychosis and their clinical team. ClinTouch Integrated can be fully or partially integrated with an NHS Trust or service provider ICT systems depending on their needs.