Heart Health Moonshot

About Heart Failure:

500,000 patients suffer with heart failure in the UK. Heart failure is a chronic, life-threatening condition which will affect one in five people aged over 40 years old. In-patient mortality nationally is around 10%, and 50% at five years after diagnosis. Heart failure accounts for 3% of admissions with an average length of stay of 11 days, attributing to between 3% and 5% of NHS budget – the vast majority of which is due to hospital admissions.


The Heart Health Moonshot:

The Heart Health Improvement Moonshot is working to reduce this burden by integrating clinical expertise with technology companies, to transform the management pathway of patients with insufficient cardiac output or ‘heart failure’.

The broad scope of this transformation includes:

  • Remote monitoring support technologies
  • Admission and readmission prevention technologies
  • Medicines optimisation technologies
  • Screening technologies
  • Therapeutic technologies (e.g. cardiac output device optimisation, exercise coach, breathing coach, positive psychology and social support)
  • Patient record transfer

The initial work of this Moonshot challenge will focus on Barnet in north west London, which cares for 1,409 patients with heart failure across 62 GP practices. The challenge invites wider engagement, involvement and participation from other healthcare professionals caring for patients with heart failure across London, including Consultant Cardiologists, Community Nurses, GPs, Psychologists and Pharmacists.

Ten heart health innovators to watch

Clinical Lead: Dr. Ameet Bakhai

ameet-bhakaiDr Bakhai is a Consultant Cardiologist and Deputy Director for Research at Royal Free London NHS Trust, and Heart Function Improvement Lead for Barnet.

Dr Bakhai’s aim is to demonstrate and prove the capabilities of digital interventions in driving the following system and patient benefits:

  • Reduce variations in care
  • Reduce co-morbidities
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Improve outcomes for patients transferred from hospital to the community
  • Save 500 hospital bed days per year via reduced emergency admissions and readmissions within two years
  • Reduce costs to the NHS by approximately £200,000 per year in bed days
  • Empower patients with heart failure to self-manage their condition

First call to action: A new lexicon for ‘Heart Failure’

Hearts don’t fail until they stop beating: a new Lexicon for heart failure?

In no other clinical theme does the label of a condition (‘failure’) carry such a lack of ambition for patients’ future health. As part of the Heart Health Moonshot, we’re calling for your contributions towards a new lexicon for heart failure.


Digital innovations have the ability to transform health and care

DigitalHealth.London is a programme aiming to speed up the development and scaling of digital innovations across health and care, and pioneer their adoption by the NHS. We match innovators with NHS demand, and support them to navigate the UK health environment.