MindTech Symposium: improving lives with digital mental healthcare

5 December 2018
Royal College of Physicians

MindTech will be hosting their annual symposium on 5 December, focusing on the ability of digital technology to transform mental healthcare and the need for a strong evidence-base and clear pathways for delivery, adoption and sustainability in real-world services.

‘Improving Lives with Digital Mental Healthcare’ will bring together leaders in clinical practice, patient experience, academic research, industry and technology development to address the key challenges in building a stronger evidence-base to support implementation of new technologies in mental healthcare.

Topics to be covered on the day:

  • Co-producing digital technology with children and young people
  • Evidence of delivering real world impact to NHS patients
  • Virtual reality interventions
  • Remote measurement technology in mental healthcare
  • MindTech Debate –  ‘Growing up in a digital world: do the benefits to mental health outweigh the risks?’

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