Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation

8 February 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
America Square Conference Centre

Digital Healthcare: Cutting Edge Innovation is the latest in a series of conferences, analysing the NHS’s progress in adopting the most up to date technologies, as it evolves towards complete digitisation.

An outstanding agenda of speakers, including DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Programme Director Hannah Harniess, will update delegates on the very latest developments happening within the NHS as it strives to modernise in the digital era. We will hear about the latest recommendations that are shaping policy and the subsequent support that is being made available to make advancements.

Transformation is taking place throughout the NHS with changes in culture, structure, governance, workforce and training, however, the greatest challenge involves the exploitation of technology and digital processes to establish an innovative healthcare system for the modern age and beyond. A recent report by the House of Lords Select Committee suggests that the uptake of digital innovation is ‘slow’ and that the government should make the adoption of technologies a ‘priority’ for the NHS.

There have been several reviews, reports and initiatives, plus specified funding, to support the uptake of innovation and the embedment of digital technologies throughout the healthcare system. Promoting telecare, telehealth, mobile working, data management, diagnostics tools, communications and information sharing are crucial to enhancing improved outcomes, through the delivery of effective and efficient patient care, during a time of increasing demand.