30th May, 2017


Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation trust is kicking off its one-year pilot with Digital Health.London Accelerator company Perfect Ward. The pilot will enable the digitisation of Audit and Accredition for forty wards and specialist departments across both trust hospitals.

The value of this pilot goes beyond that of the technology itself and is a good example of how new technology can prompt the improvement of actual process efficiency.

What has also been great to see is how the tech was thoroughly assessed and eventually endorsed by the Trust’s Senior Nursing executives. There is so much that nurse-led innovation can bring to healthcare, these are stakeholders so close to front-line need and care provision.

Special thanks to Chelsea and Westminster Middlesex University Hospital Director of Nursing Vanessa Sloane, Assistant Director of Nursing Melanie Van Limborgh, Chelsea and Westminster Medical Director Zoe Penn and Associate Medical Director for Innovation and Service Transformation Hugh Rogers for making this happen.

We would like to say thank you to our NHS Navigator, Lawrence Petalidis, for posting this story on LinkedIn.