Highlights from the 2018 DHL Collaborate summit:


Digital Therapeutics in the NHS: The rise of digital therapies & the evidence that proves they work

April 24 2018

Digital therapies are no longer a ‘nice to have’, there is evidence to show how they support patients and clinicians with detection, prevention, wellness and disease management. Acting as digital companions, supporting patients and clinicians with condition management and sensors which feed patients and clinicians important data and insight.

Digital therapies have been proven to reduce the need for acute care in diabetes, asthma, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. There is strong evidence to support their effectiveness in depression and anxiety too, with a further 24 areas showing positive results (IQVIA Institute report).

The truth is, the next blockbuster therapy is probably already in the pocket or purse of your patients and  populations. This event hoped to act as a catalyst to aid the development of Digital Therapeutics in the NHS.

The slides from the event: DigitalTherapeuticsNHS

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“The results have been beyond our expectations. Historically, the education classes on offer for patients with Type 2 diabetes have seen low attendance. There was an excellent uptake of patients completing the trial using the apps. This alongside the clinically significant improvements in HbA1c, blood pressure and weight; show just how well people respond when they can receive support at the click of a button.” 

Dr Tony Willis

Diabetes Clinical Lead, North West London Collaboration of CCGs

These were the companies on the panel ‘interrogating the evidence’.


The Company’s STARS-ADHD pivotal study of its lead investigational digital medicine, AKL-T01, in paediatric attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Big Health
Big Health

Big Health, creators of Sleepio – an app that helped around 75% of people with persistent sleep problems to improve their sleep to healthy levels.

my mhealth
my mhealth

Creators of myCOPD – proven to correct 98% of inhaler errors (present in over 90% of patients) with no other clinical intervention.


Develop state-of-the-art digital therapeutics to accompany and enhance a specific medication or medical device.


Our clinical evidence shows a mean reduction of 1.7 to 2.0 point A1C drop for individuals living with type 2 diabetes who used BlueStar.

Who attended?


Clinical Directors and Clinicians
  • – See first hand what’s working today and get insight into how digital therapies are changing clinical practice.
  • – Gain a better understanding of the dynamic between digitally driven behaviour change and clinical outcomes.
  • – Learn how you can interrogate digital therapy data to demonstrate patient benefit.
CIOs and CCIOs
  • See and understand the evidence base that will help you deliver your ambitions and get buy-in from your board.
  • – Talk to five digital therapeutic innovators who have found ways to implement their solutions and demonstrate effectiveness.
  • – Move beyond conversations around interoperability and see the real potential of deploying digital therapies in clinical settings.
  • – Understand how you can be confident about commissioning alternative treatment options.
  • – Gain insight into what evidence you should be seeking, how to access it, and what to do when the evidence isn’t there.
  • – See first hand how pioneers in the UK and overseas are developing innovative new ways to commission and evaluate digital therapies.
STP Senior Responsible Officers & Population Health Leads
  • – Learn how proven digital therapy solutions have the potential to simultaneously save the NHS £270 million a year, deliver population health improvements and improve patient experience.
  • – Understand the massive potential of digital therapeutics in areas such as mental health, diabetes, asthma, cardiac rehab etc.
  • – This is your opportunity to see what’s already working and interrogate the evidence of five leading digital therapy providers – to help you understand the evidence you need to be on the lookout for.
Directors and Senior Managers
  • – Digital therapies are changing service delivery already – and they have the potential to be completely transformative. You will need to understand the opportunities and challenges.
  • – The Summit will help you see what’s out there and what’s coming down the track.
  • – It will also help you develop the confidence and foresight to be able to work with your clinicians on testing and implementation.