7th July, 2016

We are actively seeking proven digital solutions that can help to reduce inappropriate referrals in Dermatology care, by using remote imaging and assessment to enable Dermatology specialists to assess the nature and severity of a case prior to a patient referral.


  1. Digital solutions need to offer a desirable user experience and have been developed based on a ‘user centred’ approach;
  2. The solution must have been developed beyond prototype, and can prove some level of traction within one or more NHS organisations;
  3. Solutions must be capable of ‘sharing images’ in a secure way to other users through the use of interoperability standards if appropriate, recognising that controls are needed where sharing of sensitive information is not appropriate or consent has been withheld;
  4. The solution must comply with Data Protection law and provide adequate protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in connection with the processing of their personal data where this is transferred outside of the EU to the US;
  5. Confidentiality and the right to privacy will be respected, and solutions must be proven to meet the requirements of relevant legislation and guidance.

If you would like to submit your innovation in response to this specific NHS client need, please complete the form below: 

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