Oxford Heartbeat

NHS problem

Common cardiovascular diseases are treated by placing stents inside blood vessels. Annually, more than 50k stents are used in the UK, and 10M globally. Stents come in different designs and materials, but there is currently no optimal way to choose the best one for a patient, leading to high mortality (6%), repeat surgeries (20%), and increased costs.

The solution

Oxford Heartbeat makes cardiovascular surgery safer and more accurate. It is developing a technology that helps clinicians plan and rehearse stent placements inside blood vessels. Using computational modelling, it uses patient scans and mechanics to accurately predict the behaviour of devices inside each patient’s vessel configuration. Better preparation means reduced complication rates and associated costs.


Oxford Heartbeat’s software simulates realistic stent placement inside patients, enabling surgeons to choose the best device for every case.

  • Brings greater certainty to clinicians’ choices and de-risks stenting procedures
  • Enables more efficient and effective surgeries
  • Supports better / more cost-effective device selection
  • Reduces complications and associated costs

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