Smoke Free

NHS problem

Smoking is the largest cause of preventable illness and death in the UK. Each year smoking is responsible for approximately 80,000 deaths and 500,000 hospitalisations, with millions more people suffering ill health effects.

Smoking costs the NHS between £2.7 billion and £5.2 billion each year. The inflation-adjusted costs for providing brief advice and nicotine replacement therapy are estimated to be between £1,271 and £2,479 per quitter. The costs for providing the brief advice provided by the NHS – advice Smoke Free replicates and extends upon – are estimated at £420 per quitter.

The solution

Smoke Free is an app to help people stop smoking. It incorporates the best available evidence on how to quit smoking and over 20 different behaviour change techniques. The app sets “missions” each day to help users stop smoking and stay smoke free. Participants who combine missions and the app were twice as likely to quit successfully as participants who used the app alone.

  • Helps people stop smoking using behaviour change techniques
  • Participants combining “missions” set by the programme and the app, twice as likely to quit than if using the app alone
  • Could save the NHS up to £2,389 per quitter per year

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