NHS problem

Healthcare communication is broken. This results in silos of information within the healthcare system leading to wasted time, uncaptured data, and compromising patient care and outcomes. As a symptom of poor communication tools, “black market solutions” such as WhatsApp and personal SMS are being deployed daily by clinicians across all specialties and hospitals in the UK.

The solution

Forward is a secure messaging and workflow app created by doctors who understand health and care communication deeply. Forward connects careworkers across healthcare silos, oriented around patient pathways through the system.

  • Forward can save hospital doctors an average of 42 minutes/shift versus current communication tools
  • With the advent of GDPR, Forward offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of secure health and care communication
  • Forward is designed for personal devices and is an easy-to-implement solution which should increase retention and motivation
  • Forward expects to increase productivity resulting in smoother, faster patient flow, lowering length of stay in hospital, and decreasing the time taken to see the right specialist(s)

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