5th December, 2017

Changing Health, the digital education and support service for people with Type 2 diabetes, welcomes new research from Diabetes UK’s DiRECT programme announced today. The research suggests that the company has made a breakthrough in understanding how to put Type 2 diabetes into remission.

“While we need to be cautious because this is only the first year of a two year trial, this trial is transforming how we think about type 2 diabetes,” said Professor Mike Trennell, one of the authors of the paper and Chief Science Officer at Changing Health. “Type 2 diabetes is reversible for a significant proportion of people with the right lifestyle changes. The challenge is now about translating these findings at scale,” he added.

DiRECT is a two-year trial testing if a weight management programme based on a low-calorie diet can be used to put Type 2 diabetes into remission and be delivered entirely in primary care.

Changing Health’s CEO, John Grumitt, said, “The good news for the NHS and CCGs is that this is yet more evidence that effective, clinically driven education programmes can make a life changing difference to the lives of people at risk or suffering from Type 2 diabetes. What used to be a life sentence now looks like it may – in some circumstances – be reversible. At Changing Health we have demonstrated remission of Type 2 diabetes and have this available to the NHS today, at scale.”

Changing Health has contracts with 16 NHS organisations running across England reaching 241,675 people with Type 2 diabetes.

Data from Changing Health’s programme shows average reduction in weight of 7.4kg, a mean reduction in HBA1c of 6.8mmol.mol. This would equate to a 34% remission rate based on DiRECT data. On average users consume 955 less calories per day, and increase moderate to vigorous activity by 322 minutes each week with Changing Health.


Jon Gwillim: jon@changinghealth.com. Professor Trenell and John Grumitt are available for interview.

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