The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is for London digital health companies, with potentially great products or services, ready to make London the global centre for digital health entrepreneurship.
The successful applicants will be more than just a good idea, but won’t yet be the finished article. They may already have a product on the market, they may already have some investor funding, they may come from a clinical background, or they may be seasoned digital entrepreneurs.

What they will have in common is that they will have the potential to change how healthcare is understood and delivered, and that they will be at the stage where what they need most is to link in to clinical and other expertise within the NHS, and to understand the NHS’s challenges and requirements, and how to tap into the NHS as a market.

It is those links that the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator can provide; a chance to explore ideas with world class clinicians, to understand the challenges facing a 21st Century NHS, and the opportunity to improve healthcare and deliver lasting value. To take part in the Accelerator you need to be a small or medium sized enterprise within the European Commission’s definition and to have received only a limited amount of financial assistance that classifies as “state aid” in the last three years. Further details of these requirements are outlined on the FAQs page.

Further details of these requirements are contained on the FAQs page.