DigitalHealth.London is helping health and care professionals turn the idea of digital innovation into tangible improvements in experience and outcomes for patients. Our work is instrumental in giving health and care stakeholders across London insight into the best digital health interventions and tools on the market.

DigitalHealth.London is a collaborative programme delivered by MedCity, and London’s three Academic Health Science Networks – UCLPartners, Imperial College Health Partners, and the Health Innovation Network.


It is supported by NHS England (London) and the Mayor’s Office. The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is supported by the additional partner, CW+, and is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

We support the Digital Health ecosystem in four key ways:

1. We bridge the skills gap, building knowledge, insight and capability for health and care providers and commisioners.

1. We bridge the skills gap, building knowledge, insight and capability for health and care providers and commisioners.

For the health and care sector to take advantage of the digital and data agenda, the right skills are needed in the NHS, social care and across the system. We enable skill and capability development through our flagship NHS Digital Pioneer Fellowship. 

This offers a one year programme to clinicians and non-clinicians working across the health and care sector, leading digital transformation projects. The NHS Digital Pioneer Fellowship programme supports annually up to 30 ‘change makers’ employed by NHS organisations in London to design and lead transformation projects underpinned by digital innovation.

2. By building an innovation-friendly environment, supporting innovative businesses, both large and small, and both local and overseas.

DigitalHealth.London helps high potential innovators maximise their potential benefit to the health and care system. 

This has already provided assistance to 82 high-potential digital health innovators through the flagship Accelerator programme, and in year three alone more than 204 additional entrepreneurs outside of the Accelerator, have been helped to review their value propositions and strategies, and pursue channels to funding.


Our unique “NHS Navigators” give bespoke advice, guidance, and support; helping companies navigate their way through the complex NHS environment, and ultimately improve their chances of success.

3. Through global engagement, attracting best-of-breed digital health innovators to the capital as well as helping home-grown digital companies establish a presence in international markets. 

UK-Israel Dangoor Health Initiative

DigitalHealth.London is active in building ‘innovation bridges’ with other nations, that enable cross-border benefit in terms of access to innovations, markets and learning. At the same time, helping to position the London as a global hub for digital health innovation and opportunities. An example of this is the UK-Israel Dangoor Health Initiative.

“With the enormous increase in computer power and recent breakthroughs in our understanding in genetics, we are absolutely at the threshold of a healthcare revolution and I’m hoping that Israel and the UK will be at the forefront of that, hand-in-hand.”
David Dangoor, sponsor of the initiative

DigitalHealth.London is playing a key role in delivering the UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative, a new programme aimed at connecting Israeli start-ups in the digital health field with the NHS in the UK. The programme is a collaboration of four partners – UK Israel Tech Hub, Dangoor Education, IBM AlphaZone and DigitalHealth.London.

4. By bringing communities together, to gain insight into the real issues, concerns, and needs amongst our stakeholders. Finding common ground, striving for solutions.

Over the past three years, DigitalHealth.London has been working with key decision-makers and influencers across the health and care sector to establish a baseline for good evidence generation that is sufficient for NHS organisations to make purchasing decisions with confidence, through partnerships with NHS England, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Public Health England (PHE), the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), commissioners, academia, and MedCity, as well as the private sector and patients. This started as early as 2016 with a multi-stakeholder round table.

DigitalHealth.London has since joined the evidence steering group, led by NHS England and NICE, to develop the NICE Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies which was first launched in December 2018, and has since been updated.

Digital Therapeutics

DigitalHealth.London routinely brings cross-professional stakeholders together representing different part of the digital health sector to seed and develop discussion on important topics, such as Digital Therapeutics. In April 2018 DigitalHealth.London hosted its annual summit themed around the topic of evidence supporting the adoption of digital therapeutic solutions. The summit brought together 200 implementers and decision makers from NHS providers and commissioners, suppliers and policy makers. This shone a light on some of the best examples of evidence-based solutions, and the realities of achieving that status.

Leaders and Experts in Digital Health

Our people are made up of a diverse skill sets from across the digital health ecosystem, including clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Need help and support navigating the Digital Health Ecosystem? We have you covered.

Whether you are a clinician or commissioner in the NHS, an entrepreneur in a startup or from industry, DigitalHealth.London has the content to answer your questions about Digital Health.



Podcasts provide focused support from key experts throughout the network, including expertise from our events.


Our webinars focus in on key areas of support or known challenges facing stakeholders across our network.

Case Studies

Examples and best practice of leading and implementing digital health innovations, to support learning.


In order to grow and flourish innovations need finance, whether within the NHS, academia or business.


Signposting to networks and forums to help you find the most relevant support for your needs.