Towards a DIGITAL FUTURE in the NHS

Impact Report 2019

Towards a
in the NHS

Impact Report 2019

Digital innovations have the ability to transform health and care

DigitalHealth.London is a programme aiming to speed up the development and scaling of digital innovations across health and care, and pioneer their adoption by the NHS. We match innovators with NHS need, and support them to navigate the UK health environment.

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What is DigitalHealth.London and how is it transforming health and care using digital solutions?

DigitalHealth.London is supporting the Digital Health ecosystem in four key ways:

1. We bridge the skills gap
2. By building an innovation-friendly environment
3. Through global engagement
4.By bringing communities together

Our work

By matching innovators with demand, and supporting them to navigate the UK health environment, we help improve patient and population outcomes and experience, support a sustainable NHS, and generate economic growth.

Our unique “NHS Navigators” give bespoke advice, guidance, and support; helping companies navigate their way through the complex NHS environment, and ultimately improve their chances of success.

DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator provides support for companies to offer their products and services to the NHS, improving healthcare for all.

The Accelerator has supported 20-30 companies each year since 2016.

Apply to the Accelerator

Applications for our 2019-20 cohort are now open.

Companies accepted onto the programme will have the opportunity to take part in workshops and training, “meet the expert” sessions, one to one clinics, and other events and learning opportunities hosted and delivered by the accelerator and its clinical, topical, and business experts.

The NHS Digital Pioneer Fellowship supports annually up to 30 ‘change makers’ employed by NHS organisations in London to design and lead transformation projects underpinned by digital innovation.



Podcasts provide focused support from key experts throughout the network, including expertise from our events.


Our webinars focus in on key areas of support or known challenges facing stakeholders across our network.

Case Studies

Examples and best practice of leading and implementing digital health innovations, to support learning.


In order to grow and flourish innovations need finance, whether within the NHS, academia or business.


Signposting to networks and forums to help you find the most relevant support for your needs.

Need help and support navigating the Digital Health Ecosystem? We have you covered

Whether you are a clinician or commissioner in the NHS, an entrepreneur in a startup or from industry, DigitalHealth.London has the content to answer your questions about Digital Health.