30th August, 2017

Sarah is a Digital Pioneer for Leadership who has been working within the NHS for 25 years, and her role includes the assessment of deteriorating patients.

In response to a specific incident, she became passionate about reviewing the system in use, and set out to create a digital clinical communication tool for all members of the inpatient clinical care team. The aim was to aid prompt recognition of deteriorating children and escalation to the outreach teams.

“At the start of my shift it was often luck rather than judgement that these patients were identified,” Sarah says. “I believed it was possible to develop a reliable, electronic method for collecting vital signs in all ward areas to gain trust wide visibility of all patients and a fully auditable trail of patient data.”

Nursing teams now input observations via a mobile device and automated alerts are sent to relevant teams. The medical teams have patient details and observations in front of them to aid clinical decision making, and the consultant group are able to access their patients from clinic. The CSP team are now able to create a list to identify the sickest patients are within the Trust, enabling them to efficiently prioritise their workload.


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