13th March, 2017


The European Commission is seeking Industry partners from across 5 European countries, to join a pre-commercial-procurement project to develop the next generation of acute care monitoring systems, including:

  • Analytics
  • AI
  • Remote monitoring

Companies are invited to join a consortia of partners offering hardware, design, software, to develop technology targeting high risk patients in hospital and in the home (linking the patient pathway in hospital and home) to:

  • Identify deteriorating patients
  • Communicate back to patients
  • Manage data
  • Promote patient activation
  • Create a record

The solution should be able to monitor vital signs, be wire-free and unobtrusive, capable of alerting appropriate personnel, and allow for interaction between carer and patient, be it in the hospital or at home.

Further details on the challenge and desired solutions can be found at http://www.nightingale-h2020.eu

Selected industry collaborators will be able to work with leading clinicians from five European hospitals with a wide range of patients in a variety of clinical settings in order to help shape the development of gold standard systems.

Companies need to be European, willing to work as a consortium and able to work in a sustained way.

Interested companies are strongly encouraged to find out more!

Visit: http://www.nightingale-h2020.eu

Or join one of two upcoming Market Consultation Events