30th August, 2017

The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, based on industry-led proposals to build the UK’s status as world leader in life sciences, was unveiled today.

In the government’s Industrial Strategy green paper, launched in January, life sciences was one of five of the UK’s leading sectors tasked with working with stakeholders across the industry to identify opportunities for how government can support the industry.

The industry-led Life Sciences Industrial Strategy follows Sir John Bell’s comprehensive cross-sector review into the long-term future of the industry and brings together input and recommendations from a broad range of stakeholders, including global companies such as AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, MSD, GSK and healthcare groups, SMEs, and charities.

Digital innovations in health and care

DigitalHealth.London welcomes the recommendations on digital health specifically, including: establishing a working group to evaluate the use of digital health care data and health systems; hosting centres of excellence that provide support for specific medtech themes; and creating an apprenticeship scheme that focuses on data sciences, as well as skills at the cutting-edge of digital health.

The report’s recommendations will be considered by the government and used to work towards a sector deal between government and the global life sciences sector.

Read the full report here.

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