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Innovators generate ideas every day, many of which will fail, whilst others will show potential to improve patient care or efficiency. The assessment of ideas at an early stage ensures that ideas with a real and valid opportunity are progressed.

A key concept at the inception of DigitalHealth.London was to create a single front-door through which these digital health ideas aimed at improving the NHS could pass. DigitalHealth.London, through its member organisations, has a rich and varied list of experts on hand to provide bespoke ‘office hour’ style support to assess and maximise these ideas.

It can be useful to consider carefully the following six questions in order to highlight key areas in which you might need particular support:

    1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?
    2. What type of digital technology does your idea use?
    3. How does your technology solve the problem?
    4. Is your solution aimed at acute/ primary care/ mental health/ social care?
    5. What’s your geographical spread? London/ UK/ International?
    6. What is your business model?

Ideas need to be assessed on a range of criteria ranging from clinical need to health economics and commercialisation models so as to focus finite resources on sustainable, effective innovations. If we can’t help you, we are impeccably placed to sign-post you on to others who can.

Office hours will be publicised on our calls and opportunities pages, as well as through our newsletter and on twitter @DHealthLDN.


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