Innovation hub


To help you understand how to build an evidence base to support a robust business case for health providers, you may wish to access some of the resources outlined below:

  • The Office for Market Access (OMA) is the first point of contact to talk to NICE about a technology (drugs, devices, diagnostics)
  • NICE Scientific Advice consultancy service helps to generate evidence to inform evaluations and enable market access
  • The Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative can help businesses who have an idea or a concept to mitigate risks and enable the development of initial device mock-ups; and can support those who have working prototypes in the iterative process of design-evaluation-redesign.
  • The UK’s 13 Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) undertake high-quality applied health research focused on the needs of patients and support the translation of research evidence into practice with the wider NHS and Public Health.