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DigitalHealth.London is a pan-London programme launched in February 2016, sponsored by  London’s three Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), NHS England, the Mayor’s Office and MedCity. Our vision is to accelerate the adoption of digital innovations across health and care to improve patient outcomes and experience, and support a sustainable future NHS.  

An essential prerequisite to accelerating the adoption of digital innovations across health and care is to inspire and motivate an adoption culture within provider and commissioner organisations. DigitalHealth.London is uniquely placed to create this culture through its broad and unique mix of member organisations.

Examples of DigitalHealth.London initiatives that strive to transform the adoption culture within the NHS include:

  • NHS Digital Pioneer Awards, sponsored by DigitalHealth.London, that seek to recognise courage, forward thinking and leadership in employing digital solutions for the benefit of NHS staff and patients.
  • 5x5x5 pitch events- 5 innovators x 5 minutes each to pitch plus 5 mins for feedback, to an invited audience of peers, clinicians, investors and policy makers.
  • Tomorrow’s patient campaign
  • Building digital capability and skills

Digital Health is a vibrant community that is rapidly gaining traction. We also have a growing network of motivated and interested clinicians. We are working hard to change the culture within the NHS to one that is open to innovation and digital transformation. If you would like to join this ecosystem, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on twitter @DHealthLDN

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