Innovation Pathway

New ideas can originate from many sources, including innovators in industry, commercial companies, academics within universities, and healthcare professionals or patients within the NHS. However, the uptake of new ideas can often be impeded by the lack of a clear pathway and effective support to take these new ideas to market.

While a clearly defined linear pipeline does not exist, The Innovation Pathway has been created to support the development and commercialisation of innovative ideas and provide a unique opportunity for SMEs to access and understand the healthcare sector. The Innovation Pathway offers support for innovators across a variety of stages- from initial idea, to prototype or minimal viable product (MVP), to those looking to scale. Many of the services available to SMEs under the Innovation Pathway will also be critical to NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) pursuing the successful implementation of the digital solutions offered by small suppliers.

Improving health and wellbeing through innovation is the ultimate goal of The Innovation Pathway. Patients are central to this and should remain at the forefront of innovators minds. Digital literacy, of both patients and staff, is also key to successful digital transformation and this too should not be overlooked.

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