20th February, 2017


Contact – Nancy Briefs (Co-Founder & CEO)

Founded – 2011

InfoBionic has developed the MoMe™ System, a Connected Health platform initially focused on cardiac arrhythmia detection, to improve clinical efficiency and patient care with anytime, anywhere access to patient data. InfoBionic’s experienced team has combined the power of Cloud computing with unprecedented arrhythmia detection to offer the MoMe Kardia. The MoMe® Kardia 3-in-1 device streams all collected data, not just events. The Cloud gives MoMe® Kardia the horsepower to perform Multi-Pass Analysis™ – high definition validation of results. Via the convenient portal app, physicians can actively interact with on-demand reports and multi-parameter data.

Pathway – Screening, Diagnosing, Management, Monitoring and eConsultation

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