14th March, 2017


HealthUnlocked is helping people to better manage their health by launching a new app that will further open up access to its online health and wellbeing communities.

HealthUnlocked, the world’s largest social network for health, has developed the new app for iPhone to directly support access to its full range of health and wellbeing communities on www.healthunlocked.com, which provide self care support, peer to peer advice and expert information across hundreds of health conditions and wellbeing topics such as running and weight loss.

The app will provide real time information for users directly from a user’s phone, better fitting in with a person’s general routine. People will also be able to use the app to post their own question, reply or comment on other users posts. The app will link directly to the 600 online communities hosted by HealthUnlocked. With the majority of these online communities supported by charitable or non profit organisations, the development will bring together expertise and access from these organisations into one easy to access app for the first time.

Joel Patrick, Chief Product Officer for HealthUnlocked, said: “Technology has transformed the way we can monitor our health, this new development will change how we self manage too. We are trying to ensure everyone has easy, quick and convenient access to information that supports better health. This development is a complete game changer in the world of health tech – mobile phones are a widely available and an efficient way to connect people with others in the same situation and transform experiences into knowledge. The new app will empower patients to self care, get support and provide better health outcomes for themselves .”

This is the first app for HealthUnlocked. The platform based social network is used by 40 million people each year through desktop and on their phones. The new app will improve the user experience for people accessing the platform through their phone and support more people to use it on the move.

Available for use on iPhone the app can be downloaded from the Apple App store.

HealthUnlocked is the third largest health website in the UK and in the top 20 health websites globally. With over 600,000 members and around 40 million users per year, it contributes to improving health outcomes and patient activation through use of its online health and wellbeing communities, that provide dedicated help, support and information for patients. Working with the NHS, their artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine provides personalised self-care recommendations designed to engage individuals with their health and improve outcomes.