How to navigate the NHS for digital health innovators: GIANT Health Event

28 November 2017

Do you want to know more about navigating the NHS to sell and scale your health innovation? Join DigitalHealth.London on track 7 of the GIANT Health Event, where we’ll be running discussions, presentations, and Q&A sessions on topics from GDPR, to innovation approvals, and getting your product onto the NHS apps library.

We’ll be joined by experts from a range of fields, including entrepreneurs with real world experience of the challenges (and successes) of working with the NHS, who can provide you with knowledge to succeed as an entrepreneur or innovator. Our focus is on digital health innovations, but our sessions will be relevant for any company wishing to sell into the NHS.

Learn about new initiatives, increase your traction in the NHS market, and find partnerships with technology, business, and healthcare providers.

Learn more and register here. Use the code Digital.Health.Ldn_half-price to get a 50% discount on tickets.