Masterclass: NHS procurement and the Procurement Transformation Programme

19 September 2017
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cocoon Networks

DigitalHealth.London is pleased to invite SMEs and start-ups seeking direction on NHS procurement policies to its first masterclass, hosted at Cocoon Networks.

In 2016, the Carter Review identified significant variation in costs and practice in the NHS which, if addressed, it said could save 600 million pounds annually. With the UK Department of Health’s subsequent introduction of the Procurement Transformation Programme (PTP), efficient sourcing of goods for the NHS and procurement transformation is now high on trusts’ agendas.

In this masterclass, Joel Glover, Head of Growth and Market Strategy, and Chris Schonewald, Commercial Policy Adviser, both at the Department of Health, will explain the PTP and draw out advice and guidance for businesses looking to engage with the NHS. The discussion will also cover key points of the innovator’s journey from the perspective of the NHS, as well as giving tips for success.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, and following the session there will be networking and the option to meet experts for tailored advice and questions in a 1:1 setting.

Please RSVP here, and if you have any queries, please contact lauren.oyinloye@digitalhealth.london




Chris Schonewald, Commercial Policy Adviser – Department of Health

A commercial policy adviser with prior experience working in the Crown Commercial Service. Currently responsible for the Department of Health’s commercial input into social care policy, anti-microbial resistance funding, as well as supporting the directorates work on increasing the uptake of innovative good and services within the health sector.

Mariella Childe, Department of Health Supplier Relationship and Engagement Manager – Department of Health

Joel Glover, Head of Growth and Market Strategy – Department of Health

A chartered accountant with a background in audit, risk and governance, Joel currently leads the Commercial Policy Advice and Growth teams in the Department of Health’s Commercial Directorate. In this role he is responsible for: developing, and supporting the NHS to develop, new income streams and commercial ways of working; fostering the uptake of innovative goods and services by the NHS, and creating commercial approaches which support this; and wider commercial support and project roles including working on Brexit, the Industrial Strategy, and supply chain finance initiatives.


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