Masterclass: Interoperability and APIs

24 October 2017
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
UCLPartners - Academic Health Science Partnership

DigitalHealth.London invites diabetes SMEs and startups, other industry partners, NHS providers and NHS commissioners to join our second Masterclass.

The London Health and Care Information Exchange (LHCIE) are managing the largest interoperability programme in London, connecting up health and care providers in London, allowing information to flow across the system seamlessly. The programme has significant potential to transform experience of care in London for patients, NHS staff and innovators working across the sector.

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Please join us for this half day workshop which will introduce the Information Exchange, and the opportunities it provides for app suppliers, explore and establish priority data sets and establish what a good co-designed business model might look like.

Are you an app supplier working in diabetes?

The LHCIE expects to catalyse an explosion in the number and value of health apps and wearables in London (and potentially beyond), by streamlining interoperability between every healthcare provider in London and providing a single point of access to standardised, normalised and comprehensive health and care data from across all of London. It will also provide a single pan-London consent model, allowing patients/citizens to control which applications can access which aspects of their data.

On 24 October, the LHCIE team are seeking to engage with diabetes-related app suppliers, with a view to:

  • Bringing attendees up to speed on where the LHCIE project currently is, timelines and pipeline.
  • Informing suppliers of the proposed commercial approach for the LHCIE and exploring potential business models
  • Exploring data sets that the supplier community are looking to integrate with the platform – and identifying priorities.

Are you an NHS Provider, commissioner or CIO? – We need your input:

The LHCIE team would like to co-develop diabetes solutions with both the NHS and supplier community. To do this, they need to understand the problems that incomplete clinical information causes, both for frontline staff and patients. They are looking for input into the data sets required and patient pathways for diabetes so that the Exchange can deliver as big an improvement as possible for staff and patients alike.

Please join us on the 24 October to engage with the LHCIE team and input into the development of the project as it progresses over the months ahead

Agenda details:

09.00 – Registration & refreshments

09.30 – Introduction to the LHCIE, and the potential it offers for the App supplier community

09.45 – Diabetes clinical perspective

10.00 – Architecture and standards

10.30 – Commercial approach

10.50 – Coffee

11.00 – Workshop: Your engagement with the LHCIE

12.00 – Feedback: Collaboratoin going forwards. Discussion and next steps

12.20 – Lunch and Networking

Workshop Structure:

Attendees will divide between tables, each facilitated by a member of the LHCIE team.

The session will provide the supplier community with an opportunity to get into the detail of how they see their service integrating with the LHCIE, and for the LHCIE team to take away some clear direction on the way they need to take the service to accommodate this.

We will explore:

  • Your role in the diabetes care pathway, and how you see the LHCIE integrating with this
  • The datasets you are currently looking to publish/consume, and any datasets you would be considering in the future.