Healthtech workshop for leaders: patient experience

12 October 2017
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Juliet Bauer, Director of Experience at NHS England, Dr Vishal Gulati, investor at Draper Esprit, and Dr Neil Bacon, CEO of iWantGreatCare to discuss how startups can tackle some of the biggest challenges in modern healthcare.


When you train as a physician, the importance of patient outcomes are drilled into your head. Patient outcome has been the ultimate goal of all good health systems, regulators, physicians, payers and providers.

But what about patient experience?

What if we focused not just on “outcomes” but also on the time it takes for a patient to see someone, whether they can get access to information easily, whether their condition is being communicated effectively between departments? Where is the FDA of patient experience or the NICE of patient experience, or the Institutes of Patient Experience? Have we missed something that patients care about, and in some cases care more about than outcomes?

  • Is patient experience seen as soft or “fluffy” goal?
  • How can we change that?
  • Should we be as bothered with bad patient experience as we are with bad outcome?
  • Does experience alter outcome?
  • Who defines what ‘good’ experience is?
  • Can this be done within the cost contained environment we live in?
  • What role should digital play in this?

If you run a digital health startup, this event is for you.

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