Digital Leadership in Healthcare

29 June 2017 9:30 am - 29 June 2017 1:00 pm


This Masterclass will be run by Dr V A Michell BSc MBA D.Phil (Oxon) in conjunction with DigitalHealth.London. The objective of this Masterclass is for operational health staff to build their awareness of the digital health technologies that have potential to transform the delivery of care to patients. The Masterclass will be delivered using an approach that facilitates critical thinking and discussion through the use of case studies which describe real implementations. Enabling NHS professionals and clinicians to be better prepared for, and open to a digital future in healthcare. Key questions include:-

  1. a) What is the Internet of Things?
  2. b) How does it affect my role/ job?
  3. C) How can my team best leverage this technology to improve patient care?

Dr Michell is Programme Director for MSc Business Technology Consulting and an Informatics lecturer and researcher at the Informatics Research Centre at Henley Business School. He is an honorary Senior Lecturer in informatics at the Medical Simulation Unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBFT). He also teaches courses in Digital Technology Leadership and Digital Leadership that involve the application of disruptive technologies to businesses.

Internet of Things

Dr Michell’s research concerns the use of technology such as the internet of things devices to enhance health activities. He has two PhD students involved in studying a) the unintended consequences of IoT and b) Human-IoT Ecosystem behaviours and their influence of IoT solutions in healthcare. He has also recently completed a chapter of a book on the Human-IoT Ecosystem. Vaughan has previously published papers concerning patient safety, clinical pathway and health equipment capability. He was lead author of a book by IGI: ‘Patient Safety and Quality Care Through Health Informatics’ covering the internet of things and healthcare opportunities.

Registration will open at 9:00. The session will start at 09:30 and will finish at 13:00. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please note that this event is free to attend, however there will be a £100 charge if you fail to attend without prior notice of 5 working days. If you are no longer able to attend please or send a colleague in your place.