6th September, 2017

Anju Jaggi is a Consultant Physiotherapist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, and is recognised as a Digital Pioneer for Leadership, having supported clinical research which directly impacts on patient care through support for postgraduate students, and the running of international conferences and involvement with industry in projects which bring innovation to clinicians.

These projects include the use of video conferencing in NHS patient consultations, a pilot study on the use of video games in the rehabilitation of paediatric patients with shoulder dysfunction, looking into functional electrical stimulation in patients with shoulder instability, and the organisation of international meetings with companies including MUJO and MIRA to investigate devices for patient rehabilitation.

“The MUJO shoulder exercise machines were in development and had not been used in the NHS by patients suffering with shoulder problems,” Anju explains, “Collaboration allowed us to apply for a Health Innovation UK grant to develop a supporting app and to test the machines’ usability and acceptability. I have encouraged our therapy team to engage in research and innovation, and to be open to different ways of delivering care.”

More recently this industry collaboration has been used as part of a work development project internally supported by the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for the well being of staff.

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