14th September, 2017

Alexander is recognised as a Digital Pioneer for his collaborative research at the Institute of Neurology, University College London, which has led to the development of two online therapies used by stroke patients with visual deficits. Read-Right, which was launched in 2010, treats patients with hemianopic alexia (the most common acquired reading disorder); and Eye-Search, which launched in September 2012, treats those with spatial disorientation and visual search impairment.

“As a specialist in compensatory rehabilitation for patients with visual field defects, I was aware that moving text therapy worked, but that it was not widely accessible. At UCL we used the internet to develop a patient-friendly digital resource that could be used without the help of a healthcare professional. Patients recruited from my NHS hemianopia clinical service also played a vital role in the design of the Read-Right and, later, the Eye-Search websites.”



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