Building the Global Digital Health Capital – together

Our Vision

To accelerate the adoption of digital innovations across health and care to improve patient and population outcomes and experience, and supporting a sustainable future NHS

Our Mission

To assist in the adoption of digital innovations to solve today’s challenges impacting the delivery of care. Focusing on technologies that deliver improvements in prevention and early intervention; patient safety; empowerment and self-management and digital health and research.

About Us

London is to become the global capital for digital health having established itself as an industry leader in Europe.

DigitalHealth.London was set up in response to the London Health Commission’s recommendation for the creation of a digital health hub; a marketplace where digital solutions could be brought and sold – one where industry wanted to come and do business, and where patients and the public would benefit.


The programme is a collaboration between the three London Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs);Imperial College Health Partners, UCLPartners and the Health Innovation Network, plus the Mayor of London and Academic Health Science Centres (AHSCs).  It draws upon leading NHS experts with world-class insight to pioneer the development, commercialisation and adoption of digital technologies in health and social care to improve health outcomes.


Tara Donnelly, Chief Executive of Health Innovation Network, introduces DigitalHealth.London

Our Objectives

DigitalHealth.London has been created to improve the quality of care, make health care more effective and efficient, and to generate economic growth.

We aim to meet the challenges for industry, clinicians, commissioners and patients by:

Creating and supporting networks to build on London’s existing critical mass of digital health expertise. Building knowledge between stakeholders to enable greater understanding of challenges, requirements and issues in digital health.

Identifying digital solutions that meet the needs of patients and clinicians.


Building the evidence base of the health outcomes and economic benefits of digital health.

Supporting the collaborative development of an environment that both meets the needs of the health system and allows businesses to develop, by tackling issues such as procurement and commissioning.

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Our Offices

DigitalHealth.London has offices across London. You can view these sites on our Workspaces Page (which also has helpful info on different types of office space that may be available to use). Our main office is located at London Bridge.

c/o: Health Innovation Network
Minerva House,
5 Montague Close,
London SE1 9BB.

Digital Health London



c/o: Health Innovation Network
Minerva House
5 Montague Close